Why a Web Presence Subscription Model?

After we launched our new website and positioning, one of the main questions was why a web presence subscription model? We clearly need to better explain within our pages and maybe use video or another format. 🤔

For the time being, here’s why we decided to have a web presence subscription model. Small and medium enterprises (SME) worldwide struggle even to survive and grow their business.

In the end, it’s a matter of cash flow.

Why a Web Presence Monthly Subscription?

Imagine for a second that you decide to invest in digital web presence to reach your audience or even get new potential customers. In these crazy times we’re living on, we can’t know what comes ahead.

Investing our budget of the year in a 2 to 3 months work to get a new website and brand web presence properties can be daunting since you can’t forecast your investment return immediately.

How much can a brand website cost on average?

Usually, creating a new brand website or redesign it, depending on the amount of work and features needed to perform, can be from 5,000€ Euros to 50,000€ Euros or even more. It’s not uncommon to see websites costing more than 500,000€ Euros in some markets or industry.

Nothing to let you discouraged. That’s why we’ve created the web presence subscription model.

What happens after you have your brand website?

If you invest your entire budget or struggle to find the budget to pay for the website, you end up without “fuel” for the next step: Feeding it.

Having a website and leaving it there until it becomes obsolete again is nonsense. It’s a complete waste of money. It’s a never-ending cycle of redesign it after a few years or months.

It’s not that design or a new approach to the product or service that will make all the difference per se. For that to happen, you need to be found and be considered attractive to your audience, through organic search or paid media.

Having a website and leaving it there until it becomes obsolete again is nonsense. It's a complete waste of money. It's a never-ending cycle of redesign it after a few years or months.

Let’s not forget an integrated strategy.

Like many things in business, you can’t make it without a clear and integrated strategy. Without this “glue” to make your efforts work to the same goal, it’s like a fishing net that has huge holes in it. You’ll need the triple amount of work and investment to reach the same goals.

Coordinating your effort between your website, your other web presence properties like landing pages, microsites, social media channels, and your advertising is fundamental to get advantage and offer a seamless experience to your audience.

How much all of this cost in separate?

It’s impossible to calculate without a clear example. Having said that, it’s evident that it would be a big part of your annual budget for sure. Eventually, it could also mean that you couldn’t afford it.

If you had the chance to check our about page and our origin story, it should be clear by now, that we exist to help SMEs thrive.

That’s why we found a solution—the Web Presence Subscription Model, as you can see at the business model page.

What difference does your Web Presence Subscription Model make?

Instead of paying all the investment upfront or being on your own after the initial stage set, you’ll have a continuous follow-up month after month until you get your goals.

You’ll have the entire ZOPPLY Web Presence, Digital Advertising and Custom Marketing solutions at your service on an ongoing basis. The initial hit dilutes in monthly payments that comply with the web presence creations and other marketing services.

This way, you’ll have a safer start without breaking your cash flow, which means that the more significant risk and investment are on ZOPPLY’s side.

What if we decide to end our subscription before the end of the contract?

If you decide to end the web presence subscription model before the initial investment and all the services allocated was paid, we’ll charge you for that difference.

If the initial proposal is already liquidated through your monthly web presence subscription, you just have to let us know with 30 days of prior notice. After that, you’ll be free to migrate everything to another provider, and we’ll assist you in every way.

What are the Benefits vs Drawbacks?

We’re definitely biased for saying this, but we can’t find any drawback for our web presence subscription model. The only risk you may have is what you would have with any other web service out there, which is the remote possibility of not loving our work. Even then, we’ll only be satisfied if you’re happy with our work.

Our current client retention average is five years and nine months, and it keeps increasing. If our clients didn’t love us, they wouldn’t hold our web presence subscription service, don’t you think?

Did this help to explain what our web presence subscription model can do for your brand?

If you think that your network or friends can find this interesting, please share it. We will definitely appreciate it.

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