Starting at 314€/month + taxes.


If you check our Business Model, which is entirely transparently available here, you’ll notice that we aim to make online presence affordable for small and medium enterprises.

Our Plans Explained.

Our pricing is completely designed to each customer’s needs, which means we can’t have a pricing chart like you can find in some SaaS (Software as a Service), because we’re not only software.

However, we can share pricing ranges to help you identify what you can expect from our digital services.

ZOPPLY Website

Website and Landing Pages

It depends on what you need to showcase your company online. It can go from a simple online brochure to a full-scale feature rich website with tons of pages and resources.

Flexible 12-month payment plans available.

ZOPPLY Maintenance

Web Properties Maintenance

We are keeping everything online, optimising performance conversions, and building new pages and landing pages according to each client’s needs.

Monthly Plans.

ZOPPLY Marketing

Digital Marketing Services

Our digital marketing will be your best source of organic growth and online brand-building booster ever. After the negotiated plan, you’ll have regular reports to see the continuous development.

Monthly Plans.

ZOPPLY Advertising

Online Advertising

Stop wasting your advertising budget and invest where it brings you more value per investment. It doesn’t include advertising budget.

Monthly Plans.


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Feel free to contact our team, and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.