Digital Advertising.

Reach your ideal Audience through Digital Advertising with Relevance and Performance by ZOPPLY.

After having a solid online presence it’s really important to understand where your ideal audience hangs out and then, promote your brand in a relevant way.

Branding Advertising.

What’s the difference between Branding Advertising and Performance Advertising; or even any advertising for that matter?

The all strategy around branding advertising is based on sharing what makes your brand unique and relevant to them.

Unlike the quick wins of the performance advertising KPI, having a branding advertising strategy focuses on sharing your brand’s values, core beliefs and purpose.

This kind of approach won’t provide those quick wins, but it will build up for long-lasting relationships between you and your ideal audience.

You can ask any performance expert, and they will tell you how easier it is to promote your performance campaigns when you already have great brand recognition.

What can you expect from your branding advertising?

Performance Advertising.

Every single advertising should be considered as Performance Advertising. You need to perform and achieve your goals. That’s the same for Branding Advertising.

What makes the term “Performance Advertising” so radical in the Digital Advertising realm is that we usually refer it to when you’re wanting short-term results. Getting sales, leads, traffic all the time.

This strategy benefits a lot from when you also have a branding advertising strategy running at the same time. Because, one feeds from the other.

If you’re serious about Digital Advertising, you need to consider having both. Sometimes, you’ve got a shorter term to get ROI, so you invest most in performance campaigns.

What can we do with your Performance Advertising?

Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best Digital Marketing strategies you can apply to get a recurring flow of qualified traffic into your online properties.

It’s a way to reduce risk from your side and develop long-lasting relationships between you, your partners and affiliates.

These digital marketing campaigns’ biggest effect is the consistency of other businesses or publishers talking about your brand to their audience as something that they will keep for medium-long term. The one-shot campaign will not have the same result.

What can you expect from Affiliate Marketing?


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