A Rebranding Case Study Process

ZOPPLY - Rebranding Case Study

This is a story about the sendXmail rebranding case study process. Nothing brings more joy 😃 than finally doing a showcase of one of our clients. Why? Because it isn’t usual to have a client who let’s show our work. It’s completely understandable since we live by our NDAs and privilege information safeguards. But it’s […]

Why Should You Pay For Something You Could Do It Yourself?

ZOPPLY - Why Should You Pay for Something that you could do yourself

Why should you pay is the question that spreads continuously in your mind when you’re purchasing something. When it’s about things that we could do it ourselves, it is the case with ZOPPLY. Let’s be very clear about this point: You Can Do Everything That We Offer By Yourself! So, why should you pay for […]