Dynamic Content for a Personalised Experience

Dynamic Content for a Personalised Experience

It’s astounding to realise that while 95% of marketers and executives* believe in the value of personalisation, just a residual percentage use dynamic content for a personalised experience. (* stats by Dynamic Yield) We live in a time and era where technology and tools are somewhat accessible for small and medium enterprises to big corporations. […]

Why a Web Presence Subscription Model?

ZOPPLY - Web Presence Subscription Model

After we launched our new website and positioning, one of the main questions was why a web presence subscription model? We clearly need to better explain within our pages and maybe use video or another format. 🤔 For the time being, here’s why we decided to have a web presence subscription model. Small and medium […]

Small and Medium Enterprises Challenges with Web Presence and How to Fix It

ZOPPLY - Small and Medium Enterprises Challenges

Small and Medium Enterprises challenges are faced every day in this new Digital World of information overflow. The challenge is to be heard in an ocean of complete “noise” and get new customers to their businesses. This isn’t an easy task, you might think. You’re probably right if you don’t have the necessary skills and […]