Dynamic Content for a Personalised Experience

Dynamic Content for a Personalised Experience

It’s astounding to realise that while 95% of marketers and executives* believe in the value of personalisation, just a residual percentage use dynamic content for a personalised experience. (* stats by Dynamic Yield) We live in a time and era where technology and tools are somewhat accessible for small and medium enterprises to big corporations. […]

Should You Build a Website for your Brand?

ZOPPLY Should you build a website for your brand

The question remains in every brand manager’s head: “Should you still need to build a website for your brand?” I’m the founder of ZOPPLY, and this is a new series of videos under the “Digital Done Right” tagline on YouTube and other channels as well. I hope you find it interesting for your marketing goals. […]

Why a Web Presence Subscription Model?

ZOPPLY - Web Presence Subscription Model

After we launched our new website and positioning, one of the main questions was why a web presence subscription model? We clearly need to better explain within our pages and maybe use video or another format. 🤔 For the time being, here’s why we decided to have a web presence subscription model. Small and medium […]

Build Your Own Brand Digital HUB

ZOPPLY - brand digital hub importance

Let’s face it! If you place your content, efforts, investment on someone else property you’re giving away much more than control over your data, but above all, all your investment and sweat. In a matter of seconds, you could lose everything you’ve been working for months or even years, since you don’t actually own that digital location or your brand digital hub.

Why Should I Pay for a Web Presence?

ZOPPLY - Pay for a Web Presence

This should be the million-dollar question. “Why should I pay for a web presence?” Don’t worry; it doesn’t cost that much in this case. In fact, the answer to that question doesn’t cost anything since its free. I’m giving it to you for no charge. So the question prevails. Why Should Someone Pay for a […]

Why Should You Pay For Something You Could Do It Yourself?

ZOPPLY - Why Should You Pay for Something that you could do yourself

Why should you pay is the question that spreads continuously in your mind when you’re purchasing something. When it’s about things that we could do it ourselves, it is the case with ZOPPLY. Let’s be very clear about this point: You Can Do Everything That We Offer By Yourself! So, why should you pay for […]