Should You Build a Website for your Brand?

The question remains in every brand manager’s head: “Should you still need to build a website for your brand?”

I’m the founder of ZOPPLY, and this is a new series of videos under the “Digital Done Right” tagline on YouTube and other channels as well.

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This particular video was made after Francisco, a follower of mine, asked me the question: “As someone who wants to create a personal brand as a full-stack engineer, should I need to create a website or use one of the many social profiles out there to reach more people?”

Should you still build a website for your brand?

In this video, it becomes clear that if you want to be serious about your brand, personal or not, you should go “all-in”.

There’s no middle term. If you’re only relying on social networks or other profiles, you’re going to “rent your space” and be a hostage to their rules.

If they decide to change the rules tomorrow, you’ll be blocked, and all of your investment in getting a network and followers is gone.

Build a website for your brand as your medium to long-term investment in your brand.

Having a proper online presence is vital to any brand.

If you need any assistance in having a proper brand online presence, DM us here.

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