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Why Should You Pay For Something You Could Do It Yourself?

Why should you pay is the question that spreads continuously in your mind when you’re purchasing something. When it’s about things that we could do it ourselves, it is the case with ZOPPLY.

Let’s be very clear about this point: You Can Do Everything That We Offer By Yourself!

So, why should you pay for us to do this for you?

There are just four words for you: Convenience, Professionalism, ROI and Expertise.

But I’ll resume these four words in just three in a sentence: You Earn Money.

Now, How Can it Be?

I know it’s a little hard to understand that we can earn money by paying a company to do all this work for you, but the fact is that you can and you will.

To make our argument even more clear, let’s explore every peace of the process to make your web presence relevant and beneficial.

Domain Registry

We’re starting with the basics. Search for the appropriate domain name and registration company. There are literally thousands of choices. You’ll need to choose one that has the right features for your needs.

One that gives you the freedom to choose various DNS features and special additions will be crucial for future needs like external services.

Hosting Services

Once again, there are literally millions of results, from huge hosting companies with property infrastructure to simple reseller hosting services that focus on marketing and service. The choice is quite difficult and time-consuming.

We know that because we’ve been there, done that.

Choosing the right partner for hosting your site is one of the most difficult tasks around. The best way to get there is by referrals; people you trust would recommend a service like that.

Again, to choose the right hosting plan for you can be a task for a greek warrior. Or it’s too restricted, or it’s too much for what you need, or it has some features and not others.

Well, you can see where it’s going. And the price it’s quite different as well.

We propose to integrate everything. We’ve made our hosting comply perfectly with the site platform needs. There’s no waist or overprice for what you’re getting. It’s just right.

Site Platform

It’s time to choose the right platform or CMS for your site. Strategy comes in place. Do you need a static web presence since you don’t have the opportunity to provide content regularly?

Or do you need a CMS (Content Management System) platform that will make your site constantly updated with news and new products or services? Do you need a web store or a gallery portfolio feature?

Tough questions, right? Well, you’ll need to do them to reach the right answer. When you have this step concluded, the other questions like what platform from the chosen solution would you pick?

For instance, just for CMS platforms, there are hundreds of valid options. Again, choices, choices, choices… And it would help if you chose wisely every time.

When you choose the right platform for your needs, it’s time to install it and prepare all the features to reach the desired configuration. Remove possible bugs and prepare the database where the platform is writing all of the content.

It’s hard work for people without profound knowledge, in these matters.


“Dressing” your CMS platform or static Web Page can be daunting.

There are tons of templates or “skins” to dress your site up. But it would be best if you chose something that will represent your brand with a professional look and at the same time, one that would differentiate from the rest.

Difficult when you’re dealing with templates that are used by hundreds of other sites. Even to choose a web design, you need to think in SEO, the site’s infrastructure, navigation, etc. To find the right solution is like picking a needle in a haystack.

Promoting it

Now, you need to promote your site and invest in several programs to achieve the desired ROI. Promote it by word of mouth, investing in search marketing, in banners ads, link building, making content, and so on.

It’s hard. It’s tough to maintain all these strategies and systems working the right way. Just the time spent working on all these things is consuming, and especially, it’s costly.

Let’s Make The Math on Why Should You Pay for Something that You Could Do it Yourself.

The time is for math. These numbers are not meant to be an audit average prices for each service. But it indicates a few of the ones we investigated.

Domain Registration, I’ll take the *com as an indicator = 12$ /annual fee.

Hosting Service, depending on the different features and space/bandwidth, we’ll take a shot at = 45$ /monthly fee if its dedicated or shared hosting.

Platform to Choose, there’s several from free to paid. You have to choose one that fits you. We’ll place a = 0$ fee to get it; you need to install it yourself.

Webdesign to dress your platform up. Again, there are some free versions and some paid. The free ones shouldn’t be used as templates for your professional business.

Let’s say you buy one for a 48$/one-time fee. If you ask a design entirely for your site, personalize the work, depending on the features requested can go from 300$ to 4000$.

Promoting using Directories and ad platforms. Making Content. It all depends on your budget.

In short, let’s sum the entire budget needed in hard cash and eventually it gives an 80$ monthly investment doing things a somewhat right.

Now you know, why should you pay

Now, you must understand that we didn’t account the work hours to implement all of these things and the learning curve that you may or may not need to take the full extent of these web presence needs.

One of the key aspects is how to do it right. Let’s face it.

There are literally millions of businesses online, but just a few hundreds really take advantage of this medium.

That’s why we congregated technology with expertise. This makes a killer feature. Actually, the only one that matters.

Ask a Quote and if you need any help or questions, feel free to ask at will.

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Feel free to contact our team, and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.


Reach Out the Team

Get in touch right away

Feel free to contact our team, and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.