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How to Increase Your CTR in at least 50%

Yes, that’s right. This article will let you know how to increase your CTR in, at least 50%, on your Call to Action with just a simple tweak. It can be done, and you can test it yourself in your site from day one.

As you know, there’s a huge variety of call-to-actions and each to different objectives, but all have something in common. First, you aim to incite people to click on it or fulfil an objective. That’s the main reason to have a CTA in the first place. So, why do some have much more success than others?

Enough Words, How to Increase Your CTR?

Ok, I’ll lay down the absolute “gold” for you. As said before, it is quite simple, but we can risk saying that almost 70% or more don’t do this. And this is more used in Email Marketing than in proper websites, which is a shame since it works really well to raise the results.

Here it is: Instead of the boring, mechanical, cold Call-to-Actions like the usual “Click Here”, “Subscribe”, “Buy”, and similar most used CTA’s you really lay out what you’re asking them to do.

If what you want is for them to subscribe to your newsletter, why don’t you place the benefits to subscribe on the Call-to-Action itself?

I don’t know about you – or maybe I do – but I rather finish the subscription when I have a button that says – “Subscribe our Newsletter and Get your Free eBook on How to Win the World” – than a just cold “Subscribe”. Remember, you can eventually say the same thing in the text above the form, but it’s much more effective for the buttons to really state the benefits and what we expect the user to do.

The same on Ecommerce, although the designers may want to jump to your throat. Let’s say, you’re on a store to see a product and you have a button that says “buy today and get a special gift” or “buy now and save 10% in shipping fees”. Yes, the button is huge, but isn’t that the main objective of a Call to Action?

I gather a few examples of great Call-to-Actions for you to use as inspiration and learn from the best to increase your CTR.

Moo –¬†Custom Business Cards, MiniCards, Postcards and more…

This is some of Moo's call-to-actionsMoo Banner to Bring it to Action

As you can see from this example, the Call to Action is really detailed, and you can see exactly what you’re going to see after you click on it. The idea is to give you a concrete idea of what you must do to follow the path and make an order.

Amazon – eCommerce Mogul

Amazon Call to Actions and Examples

It’s impossible to talk about Call to Actions and conversions and not mentioning Amazon as an example.

It can be a little daunting to think about Amazon as an example of describing CTAs. Even in a major website that needs to accommodate a special type of design and literally millions of products all different from each other, the conversion and special care to details takes place. I could not place the arrow in every place where we can see an example of CTA risking to clutter the entire image pic.

As you can see, whenever you have some doubts, questions or information about a product, you have a call to action to tackle that point. And all of it is the clearest as possible to understand not only the value of the product itself but what you’re going to encounter at the next page you’re going to open. A complete walkthrough that will eventually empower you to buy the product.

Google – Global Search Engine and Business Web Services

Google's Call to Actions Example

Having a big button is not something that hurts minimalistic design as you can see in Google‘s example to make a big CTA bring you to walk the business services tour and check all the features that come in from this service.

A big CTA telling what you’re going to see after you click on it is key to really take advantage of the traffic coming in and reduce bounce rates from people visiting your page.

KISSmetrics – SaaS and Ecommerce Customer Intelligence

This is the KISSmetrics CTA Example

As you can see from this KISSmetrics example, the CTA, in this case, was placed on non-disturbed attention driven interstitial to capture the entire attention of their potential customer into a subscriber. See how their button clearly points out the value for people to fill in their data. Again, instead of a simple “Click Here” button, you can see that the real value is set in the actual CTA.

CopyBlogger – Media Company for Professional Blogging and SMB’s

Copyblogger Call to Action example

See the Big Call to Action above? And notice the descriptive one bellow where you can actually understand that the entire description is the link? That can really take your conversions sky high. Obviously, it would be best if you did so much more than place a big CTA for a conversion to happen, but it certainly can help you with that goal.

As you can see in this great article from Michael Aagaard at Unbounce, good CTA‘s can increase the conversions pretty much. But for that, you need to really design them well.

That article tells you a lot about that.

Test, Test and Test to Know How to Increase Your CTR

That’s right! One thing is to give you some pointers. Another completely different is to know from a general point of view what will work better with your specific need. To do that, you must test different strategies and designs until you reach your best performance. And even then, you can always improve.

For every place, business or goal, the conversion metric is always different. So, go and test it further and further. There’s no limit!

Have you tested yourself any of these topics? If you have feedback, please provide more info to the community and exchange experiences.

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Feel free to contact our team, and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.