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ZOPPLY's Business Model.

It might be hard to pinpoint how ZOPPLY is different from any other digital marketing agency.
That’s why we made this Business Model page.

It might be hard to pinpoint how ZOPPLY is different from any other digital marketing agency. That’s why we made this Business Model page. It’s the best way to learn more about ZOPPLY and to understand how we can be your best digital partner.

According to our core values, transparency is vital to create a safer and trustworthy environment. In line with this approach, we disclose our business model canvas below.

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Check our Business Model canvas.

ZOPPLY's Business Model

Let’s discuss it further, shall we?

Business Model key partners

As any brand web presence, we need to have stable and safe hosting services where we can rely upon to keep our clients’ brands available at all times. We’ve made sure to test out the best providers for each situation and have redundancy and backup plans for all contingencies.

There’s no other way to jumpstart your business without a clear and specialised advertising strategy. That’s also vital to keep our clients’ brands getting the exposure they need to achieve their end goals. These partnerships can genuinely help you grow your business.

Frameworks are the one thing that can help to save time and money while keeping everything safe and running smoothly. We don’t need to invent the wheel for every brand. It speeds the end result without hurting performance and best practices.

Business Model key activities

ZOPPLY’s entire business model is dedicated to these central activities, while not reduced to them as well.

Brand awareness is how you can compete in a world filled with noise and distractions. It’s what makes people notice you and allow you to say why they should choose your product or service instead of the competition.

A big part of our daily work is to produce. We’re always producing content, websites, landing pages, campaigns, designs, and it keeps going. You wouldn’t hire us if we weren’t creating every day for your brand.

What is digital marketing without measuring every single investment? That’s what we do all day. Measure everything about your brand’s web presence and what the data tell us about your audience. Better yet, we read data to understand what’s the obvious next step, for you to make the best and most informed decisions.

A big part of our business is consultancy. Our top-notch professionals are known for their insights and expertise. That’s why our clients rely on our consultants, to make sure that everything will be effective and according to the best practices.

Business Model key resources

To be able to provide all of these services, we need to rely on crucial resources. These are just a few of the main ones.

Nothing makes everything more efficient and more effortless than processes. We’ve implemented processes to make sure that everything runs according to what was tested and proven for success. These processes are what ensures that we don’t miss anything meaningful as well.

Our people are arguably the most critical piece of all our company. They’re the ones that make the wheels spinning in the right direction. Our team is always learning and evolving to make ZOPPLY one of the best digital presence agencies in the world. We wouldn’t be here without them.

The ZOPPLY brand is one of our most important resources as well. It’s for what the brand stands for and how we tell our story that our customers decided to enrol in our web presence service. We invest dearly in our brand since it’s one of our most valuable resources, and we’ll continue to do so.

Business Model value propositions

This field is where we can illustrate what our audience thinks about what makes ZOPPLY valuable for them.

At the very top is Full Web Presence Service. One thing is to build in third-party property and without knowing what will happen in the future. Another is to have a central hub for your brand, where you can rest assured that your web presence is always taken care of by a team of experts in their fields. Not only will be secured from attacks, but ZOPPLY will also keep everything updated it accordingly.

Another of the top points for which brand’s love ZOPPLY is because of the affordable Monthly Fees. Instead of investing your entire annual budget into a new website or agency plan, you can have a reasonable monthly payment. This strategy frees you to test your ideas and change your plan along the year according to the results.

Immediately after, the most important value proposition is to have an entire Digital Team. With ZOPPLY, your brand will benefit from a full virtual team that will make sure that your brand is well represented online. That means that you don’t need to hire more staff for your internal marketing team until it’s critical for your brand strategy. Even small marketing teams make use of our full web presence service to free them to do other essential tasks.

For last but not least, Brand Consistency is one of the most valuable features under ZOPPLY’s services. For a brand, to have a consistent web presence throughout all their digital properties can be a challenge. That’s the main thing that ZOPPLY solves from the start. Your website, landing pages or social media profiles, will have a consistent branding experience. Leave everything to our team under your validation process.

Business Model customer relationships

This slot is how our customers see our service, what comes to mind when they think of ZOPPLY’s services.

A survey made it clear that the expression “We’ve got your back” is what represents our team and services better to our customers. It’s quite self-explanatory, but to make it clear, we’re proud of offering above and beyond support to our customers in all things digital. That’s why they feel free to ask our feedback even for things that go beyond our scope of service.

The immediate answer we’ve got is “easy to access and inclusive”. It may sound that it goes without saying, but it’s very important to us as well. Everything about our service needs to be accessible to anyone that needs to get it, not only from a user experience but also for people not used to digital and marketing terms. Anyone is welcome to work with us, and we don’t discriminate in any way as long as mutual respect upholds.

Business Model channels

As you may imagine, the entire world wide web is our main channel for everything related to our services. There’s nothing on the web that we don’t use to conduct our business.

Business Model customer segments

As you may already know since you’re reading this, our customer segment is small and medium businesses or brands going through digital transformation.

These are the brands that will enjoy the most advantage of our services and solutions.

Business Model cost structure

ZOPPLY built this cost structure to keep the service competitive and accessible to most of our customer segments.

So, the most costly of our business model is people. We need the best and the most motivated people to run our business. That, of course, results in solid salaries and benefits. Which is great, it’s what makes us happy to work in what we love, but it’s also what drains the majority of our revenue.

Our R&D department closely follows it. From early stages, ZOPPLY reserves part of the annual income to invest in Research and Development of our products and services. It’s the only way to stay updated and make sure that we’re continually thriving. Otherwise, we end up like some of the businesses that we’re helping. Stagnated and needing a ZOPPLY to spark their brand.

Another reasonable cost of our business model is with licenses. We have a lot of licenses to pay, which is fine because that also means that we have the support and everything updated at all times. From tech, software, subscriptions, a lot is going on for the benefit of our customers.

To run any business, you need to have the usual management and general costs. From bookkeeping to legal and consultancy, the list goes on and on, even though it’s not the first rodeo of our management team. Although ZOPPLY being a remote working company, the official headquarters is in Lisbon, Portugal. So local taxes and fiscal duties are in order which is fine and understandable.

Business Model revenue stream

ZOPPLY’s revenue models are quite simple and easy to understand. Here is a small resume of how we make our business model sustainable.

The primary revenue stream we have is the subscription model. Most of our clients are within our subscription model to be able to leverage their brand awareness and digital consistency. ZOPPLY’s team keeps your websites and digital profiles always updated and running according to best practices and compliance.

The second revenue stream is the only product under ZOPPLY’s brand. The Digital Marketing Plan is available to any brand that needs a blueprint to achieve its goals in digital marketing. It’s a one-time informative plan for any brand, regular customer or not.

The third and last revenue stream is the consultancy program. Brands can make use of ZOPPLY’s top executives to provide a sophisticated approach to their branding and digital marketing challenges. Sometimes, you only need an outsider assessment or view to make sure that you’re on the right track. In case you’re not, ZOPPLY can present a solution.

And that’s a wrap. Here’s the complete breakdown of ZOPPLY’s business model. With full transparency and disclosure as is our brand’s value. We hope this has been helpful for you to understand what makes ZOPPLY different from what you can find worldwide.


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Feel free to contact our team, and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.


Reach Out the Team

Get in touch right away

Feel free to contact our team, and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.